Nicola Rushton


Nicola Rushton

Nicola Rushton is a product designer, creative generalist and lifelong learner. She loves to help teams be lean and bake design and research into the product process so that they never lose focus on the user. She leads design sprints to create validated, well researched products that get into users' hands quicker.

A Sydneysider previously from Pivotal Labs, Atlassian, :Different and with 10+ years experience in design, Nicola is now based in Sydney working as a UX consultant.

Talk - October 2nd

How could your product change the world - for better or worse? A tool for ethical tech

As people in the tech industry, we have more power than we realise. We ship ideas to the world. And sometimes, those ideas take on a life of their own - to severely unintended consequences. Twitter was designed as a micro-messaging platform, and ended up influencing world politics. Freaked out yet? Maybe we should be.

In this talk, I share a tool to get perspective on something you're building, and the potential unintended human impact it could have on the world - and what to do about it.