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Patrizia Bertini

Currently International DesignOps Lead at Intuit in London, Patrizia Bertini has developed her approach to design and DesignOps through 20 years of international experience in usability, accessibility, web design, design management and user research. With a background in academic and industrial research leading distributed and international teams, Patrizia has been known for her pioneering work in web accessibility, design facilitation, and co-creation.

Talk - October 2nd

Making UX research Happen: the impact of a user centred DesignOps approach

What does it really mean to develop a user centred design Operation? How can we foster user centricity at speed and ensure users are the beginning and the end of every design process? How can we remove the obstacles that prevent designers to interact with Customers and Users to ensure products and experiences exceed expectations and deliver value? This talk is based on an over 18 months' experience to assess and measure the pains, define and test a solution, define clear KPIs, and deliver user centricity as a habit across 7 globally distributed teams.