Szymon Kaliski


Szymon Kaliski

Szymon Kaliski designs and develops digital tools and data‑driven interfaces.

He runs flow/control — a boutique research & development studio. They work on projects ranging from experimental interfaces for drug development, through dashboards for European Space Agency, to data visualization pieces for Google I/O or Mayor of London.

He is involved with Ink&Switch — an industrial research lab, where he works on various problems, including interactive constraint solvers, programming by drawing, and ideation tools.

Besides that, he consults on technical projects, speaks at conferences, gives workshops and teaches.

In his free time he works on personal projects, independent research, and makes drone/ambient music from deconstructed acoustic sounds.

Talk - October 2nd

On Rigor in Design & Research

This talk will explore a methodical approach for solving complex design challenges through a mix of computational design and prototyping.

We'll anchor our thinking on the concept of map-territory relation, and how it applies to open-ended problem spaces.