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October 1-2 2020

Intersection conference

The coolest DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE by Hinto IS BACK! In 2020  edition we will move BEYOND BOUNDARIES, strategically addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing landscape of our industry.

This year, due to the spread of covid-2019, the conference will be held entirely online. 


A percentage of the proceeds of sales of the conference tickets benefits Doctors without borders and their involvement in the fight against covid-19 worldwide.

Doctors without borders



Key Dates

30 June

Call for proposals and Early birds end

31 July

Schedule published online

1 October

Intersection Conference Development Edition

2 October

Intersection Conference Design Edition


Roberta Tassi
Roberta Tassi, Design Lead at Oblo

Roberta Tassi is the founder and design lead at oblo, creator of Service Design Tools and Professor of Interaction Design at Politecnico di Milano University. Always interested in exploring the potential of service design and supporting its growing practice, to tackle the most complex challenges of our current ages.

Yulya Besplemennova
Yulya Besplemennova, Service Designer and System Thinker at Oblo

Yulya Besplemennova is a service designer and system thinker at oblo, focus of her work is design of complex systems which put together human and technological components. She is also a scientific coordinator of Service Design Tools and has just finished The Terraforming research programme at Strelka Institute .

Adam Connor
Adam Connor, Head of Design at Elixir RX Solutions

As a design leader, Adam's work blends systems thinking, HCD, anthropology, and organisational behaviour to foster more collaborative, creative and customer-centric organisations. In 2015 he and co-author Aaron Irizarry released Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique with O’Reilly Publishing. 

Ashley Lukasik
Ashley Lukasik, CEO at Murmur Ring

Ashley's passion is creating the conditions for collective creativity. She curates experiences to help organizations accomplish their strategic aims, and has built her career exposing leaders to human-centered design as a means to respond to complex challenges for which they do not have a preexisting roadmap. 

Felix Chang
Felix Chang, Associate Strategy Director at Artefact Group

A researcher at Artefact, Felix Chang describes his job as “a little bit like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter” because he strives to read people and situations to find the deeper themes and insights. As an Associate Strategy Director, Felix uses his research abilities on a range of projects at Artefact, from healthcare to IoT.

Szymon Kaliski
Szymon Kaliski, Designer and Developer at Flow/Control

Szymon Kaliski designs and develops digital tools and data‑driven interfaces.

He runs flow/control — a boutique research & development studio. They work on projects ranging from experimental interfaces for drug development, through dashboards for European Space Agency, to data visualization pieces for Google I/O or Mayor of London.

Adrian Bolonio
Adrian Bolonio,Team Lead & Senior Frontend Developer at Willhaben

Adrián Bolonio is an experienced Team Lead, Frontend Developer, and Web Accessibility (a11y) advocate. He is from Spain, but since 2012 he is living in Vienna (Austria). When he is not at the office he enjoys a good read, working his way through any delicious recipe, and indulging his love for traveling to new places.

Nicola Rushton
Nicola Rushton, Lead Designer at Backbase

Nicola is a product designer, creative generalist and lifelong learner. She loves to help teams be lean and bake design and research into the product process so that they never lose focus on the user. She leads design sprints to create validated, well researched products that get into users' hands quicker.

Patrizia Bertini
Patrizia Bertini, Design Ops Lead at Intuit

Currently International DesignOps Lead at Intuit in London, Patrizia Bertini has developed her approach to design and DesignOps through 20 years of international experience in usability, accessibility, web design, design management and user research. 

Gianni Puglisi
Gianni Puglisi, Senior Frontend Web Developer at Triplesense Reply

Gianni Puglisi is a Senior Frontend Web Developer at Triplesense Reply, since 2014. He worked with the latest main Javascript frameworks, but currently he is focused on React. Also proudly nerd, cats lover and TV series addicted.

Fabio Fierro
Fabio Fierro, Frontend Developer at Triple Sense Reply

Fabio Fierro, after a degree in communication and a master degree in multimedia projects management, started his career as frontend web developer, with focus on responsive design and micro-animations. He's now working as external consultant in Triplesense Reply. When he's not having fun with code, he mostly likes playing guitar and watching thriller movies.

Maria Shoaib
Maria Shoaib, Software Engineer at Ericsson

Maria Shoaib is a Pakistani woman in Technology, working as a Software Engineer at Ericsson, Sweden whose previous roles were Engineer and Product Manager. 

Dean Schuster
Dean Schuster, Founder and partner at Truematter

Dean Schuster has been creating user-centered digital products for 25 years and specializes in defining, designing, and building complex, data-intensive, digital products. Dean has led strategic engagements for regional organizations as well as the Fortune 100. 

Ayesha Mazumdar
Ayesha Mazumdar, Senior UX Engineer at Optimizely

Ayesha Mazumdar currently works at Pinterest as a Senior UX Engineer, previously she was at Optimizely where she collaborates with engineers and designers on Optimizely’s design system, component library, and application frontend. Outside of work, she mentors students at the Holberton School to help empower people from all backgrounds to succeed in the tech industry.

Antonio Capelo
Antonio Capelo, Frontend Engineer at Ginetta

Originally a Civil Engineer, António Capelo changed his career to become a Software Engineer and has been working on the web from big product companies to startups and consultancy agencies. He's from Porto (Portugal), loves frontend technologies and he's interested in pleasant UI/UX, WebGL and Design Systems. He enjoys running and doing yoga and — as an amateur — he dabbles with music and photography.

Dario Chiappetta
Dario Chiappetta, Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Docebo

Dario Chiappetta is a Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a years-long interest in Conversational AI. He has witnessed the age of computing evolve from being very complex and technical, to a stage where the language of machines is becoming closer and closer to the language of humans. By the end of his career, he would like to see that gap closed.

Andrea Saltarello
Andrea Saltarello, CTO at Managed Designs

Andrea is solution architect and CTO @ Managed Designs, focusing on architecture and methodology topics. He is co-author of “Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” by Microsoft Press and contract professor for Politecnico di Milano. 
Community-wise, in 2001 he co-founded UGIdotNET, the first Italian .NET User Group and he's board member of Accessibility Days, the longest-established Italian conference pertaining to the development of accessibile software. 

Fabio Zecchini
Fabio Zecchini, Chief Technology and Data Office at Musement

With a strong focus on technology, Fabio graduated in Computer Science Engineering with a dissertation on Robot Automation and Artificial Intelligence. 

In the end of 2012 he co-founded Musement - acquired by tour operating giant  TUI Group in 2018 - where he’s now still involved as Chief Technology and Data Officer. 

Fabio is also an Advisor at IULM Innovation Lab & the Coordinator of the Digital Marketing Master at TAG Innovation School.

Oscar Di Montigny
Oscar Di Montigny, President and Founder Be Your Essence (BYE) and President, Flowe S.p.A

He is Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Value Strategy Officer at Banca Mediolanum, and the CEO of Mediolanum Comunicazione. In July 2018 he founded the benefit company BeYourEssence (BYE): an innovative start up with a social vocation that operates in all areas of society and the economy, in the private, public administration and new generations.

Valentina Taglioni
Valentina Taglioni, Risk Management Officer, Supply Chain Manager, Médecins sans Frontierès

Valentina Taglioni has been working for profit sector for 15 years as Account in Logistics and Supply Chain for many multinational contexts. 
From 2019 she is covering the position as Risk Management Officer for Médecins Sans Frontières in HQ Rome, and during Covid19 she was involved for Risk and Supply tasks with the Emergency Team in Italy. During this period she also supported Supply Task Force in Bruxelles for all international MSF’missions. 

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